Are you thinking of starting your own microbrewery? Would you like to produce a new type of beer that no-one else has? Do you want to create a successful business with happy customers?

I am a brewmaster from Slovakia with 10 years of experience in  all aspects of beer brewing. I offer over 100 different beer recipes of all kinds and full-scale consultation services on a brewery business. I specialise mainly in Czech lager and ALE beer types. 

I can help you set up your own brewery, organise it, and train your staff. In a couple of months you will be able to brew excellent beer even if today you have no experience at all.

With a human and friendly approach, I will explain to you all the things you have to know in the beer brewing business.

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    September 1973
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    English, Russian
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    Beer Brewing, Football



General consultancy

If you’d like to open your own microbrewery I can advise you on every aspect of your future operation ranging from  venue evaluation and capacity planning through to beer brewery equipment reference. Evaluate the situation before the decision to invest is made.

Production set up and capacity

The amount of beer that you can produce is not limited by the brewery’s capacity but by the capacity of its storage tanks. The process has to be calculated and planned in advance. Beer requires time to mature and so the brewing process must be carefully established. You don’t want to brew too much or too little. Capacity also depends on the number of  beer types you would like to produce simultaneously. 

Choosing the right range of beer

Different seasons call for different beer type.  It is also essential that you periodically refresh your production line and introduce new products. With over 100 beer recipes we can make your production line unique.

Selecting proper technology 

There are many types of available technology in the brewing industry. These come in different price ranges and state (new vs. old) – do you know what you will need? Different types of beer might sometimes require  different brewing equipment. There are many variables that you need to consider when purchasing this technology. I’ll help you choose the right brewing equipment that meets requirements of your new brewery-to-be and ensure that you do not overinvest or buy inappropriate technology.  I will also help you optimise workflow and location of the equipment in the given venue. You’ll need to use your space efficiently with an optimal workflow. 

Training your in-house brewmaster (s)

I will train your staff to brew beer and share my knowledge that is necessary to build a successful operation. Keep in mind that even people who have never done can learn it within 2 months. I have replicated my experience in places such as Spain and other places.

Production optimisation

The first properly brewed beer is just the start of the entire operation. From this onwards, you will need to ensure that your operation is efficient and will run smoothly. Initial first weeks are important in making sure that your daily operations become flawless and every aspect of the brewing process clicks together in the long run. I will help you to avoid most common mistakes – small and severe – at the beginning of your brewing operation. 




Please check out some photos and a video of my work below. All photos are from the authentic microbrewery. No photo bank!

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    Hanulova 7, Bratislava, Slovakia

Please, drop me an email, preferably in English, and I will respond to  you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can use a web form below.



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